Covers which you can use for Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Samsung Galaxy is regarded as one of the best smartphone which is available in the market today. The design of this smartphone is such that it easily attracts the mind of the customer. The market is filled today with a number of phone cases which not only offers the best protection to your phone but so make them look beautiful and elegant.

The Samsung Armor Cover is made from tough plastic and the exterior of the case is made from a soft rubber in order to provide the necessary protection to the phone. The rear side of the case can always be separated according to your choice. You can use such case in order to give your phone an elegant look.

Otter Box Commuter Series is quite hard and is slim in design. The rubber bumper on the other hand provides a good hold on the smartphone.

The Translucent android cover is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The two most important properties of this material are that it is resistant to scratches as well as shocks.  It also prevents the phone from getting dropped on rough floors. The occasional cuts over the cover leave space for ports in order to insert hands free or USB. It also protects the keypad of the phone from getting effected.

The Samsung Flip Case is usually made for those types of mobile phones which have a slim line and also protects the phone from minor bumps. If you want your smartphone to look the best and at the same time stylish, you can definitely do for such covers.

Groovycom is an online mobile accessories firm which is situated in Sydney, Australia. The company has got its own distributing partners in countries like India, Malaysia and USA where the company’s products are sold.  They are durable and can be used for a long period of time.


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Important Iphone accessories which you can purchase

Iphone is an expensive and precious phone. Every individual desires to have a gadget like this. The multiple and wonderful functions of the phone allow an individual to do every task in the most precise manner. Whether it is about taking pictures of high resolution or playing games with improved graphics, the advanced technology of the phone has got all the necessary requirements which you need to have in a hi fi device.

Without proper iphone accessories you will not be able to maintain your gadget in a proper way. You need to adorn it with the right bling accessories so that it looks stylish and at the same time it also increases the functionality of your iphone. Iphone accessories in Australia are sold across all Apple stores which is located there. You can pick up some of the following important accessories.

Cases:  Multiple types of cases are available with iphone such as pouches and plastic cases which help the iphone to be placed in a firm position. The primary objective of these cases is to protect the phone from any type of damages such as scratches or dust. Moreover, you can also use these mobile phone accessories along with different types of attires.

Screen Wiper: It is always important to have a wiper for the screen. This prevents the screen of the phone from getting smudged and being affected by dirt. Hence, using a good wiper always acts as a cleaner for the phone.

Holders: Mobile phone holders are one of the most popular mobile phone accessories in Australia, which are sold at a rapid rate. Since, people mostly commute either in a car, bus or a metro this is the reason why most of the people purchase mobile phone holders in large numbers. You can either visit at any of the iphone stores or can also shop the accessories from the official website of Apple.

At Groovycom, you can get a number of htc one x accessories and other mobile brand accessories under one umbrella.

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Three must have mobile phone accessories

It is nearly next to impossible to continue using a mobile phone without accessories. The mobile kit which you get while purchasing the mobile phone for the first time may not be enough for you to continue using your phone in a proper manner. It therefore becomes necessary to purchase few mobile phone LCD accessories which enable you to make use of your phone in the most proper manner.

Her you can get a number of accessories for your mobile which you can use. Mobile cases are always cheap and prevent the phones from getting damaged. Any minor scratches can be prevented very easily by using such cases. These days there are a variety of cases which are available in different form such as crystal cases, glow in the dark and the ones with the cartoon characters.

Screen guards on the other hand help to prevent your phone from getting affected due to the frequent use of the screen. When the touch screen of the phone is free from any scratches, it also looks pleasing to the eye. Thus a screen guard can help your phone to keep the bright appearance of your phone alive. Many touch 4 accessories Australia, which has a screen guard are often sold under different brand names.

Travel Charger is the most efficient ways to charge your mobile phone, when you do not have the charger with yourself or there is no source of electricity. This charger acts as a battery backup for your phone thus helping to recharge it whenever your current battery is about to give up. Purchase this charger only if you travel frequently.

Groovycom is the leading provider of htc one x accessories in Australia. The primary purpose of the firm is to help the people get all kinds of mobile accessories at prices which fall under their budget.

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Three Attractive HTC One X Car Accessories

Travelling in a car might become troublesome when you do not have the right place to keep the most important gadget which you frequently use that is mobile phone. The phone might drop while you apply an unexpected brake for an immediate stop or might also suffer a crack in the screen if you remain negligent while keeping the phone on top of the audio deck of the car.

There are many htc one x accessories Australia which are specially designed for those persons who often travel in car. These accessories help them to keep their mobile phone in a proper way and also prevent them from getting damaged due to several reasons. Here you can get a number of options for the different types of htc one X accessories which you can use for your smartphone.

The HTC Car Kit can be fitted either at the windscreen of your car. It can perfectly be placed in such a position from where you can have a very clear view of the screen. The appearance of this kit compliments to the looks of the phone and makes it look wonderful.

Another interesting kit is the HTC Car Mic which is directly attached to the sun visor of the car. Since it is connected directly to the Bluetooth of your phone, you can speak on the phone without even moving your face from the road. The most important benefit of this device is that it reconnects your phone every time you enter in the car.

If you love music, then HTC Car Stereo Clip is the ultimate accessory for you. The 3.5mm port enables you to transfer your favorite music tracks from the internal memory of your phone to the micro SD slot of your audio track in the car.

Hence, these are the three htc one X car accessories for your mobile phone.

At Groovycom Samsung galaxy s3 accessories are available in various colors and designs. Whether you want a wall charger or a gel case for your smartphone, you can get everything here. Many touch 4 accessories in Australia are also available here.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab- A Gadget which you must have

Samsung Galaxy Tab was released keeping in mind about a certain audience. It was specially made for those who wanted to make good use of a personal digital assistant or PDA but could not move on to the more upgraded versions such as smart phones. The Galaxy Tab is a smarter version of PDA which is especially made for the working professionals to provide them ease in working.

Since the release of the tablets, the sales figures of these gadgets have gone up to a great extent and are increasing day by day. There are a number of factors that makes a Samsung Galaxy Tab stand out from the rest of the advance and technological gadgets in the world.

It is the hardware of the tablet which makes it quite popular among the people. You can get an idea about the different kinds of features in the paragraph given below:

  • 1.0 GHz processor and 512MB of RAM
  • Built in storage area with an option for micro SD for further expansion of memory.
  • A 3.0 megapixel camera is available with the camera both at the front and rear end. The LED flash also enables you to take great photos by giving them a beautiful effect.

The battery of a tablet can run for long hours and even more than you can expect. With so many applications present in it, there will be hardly any time when you will find out that your tablet has run out of battery. By charging it for a long time, you can use it for many days. No other smartphone or tablet has this excellent quality and is therefore the most preferable one among people. The presence of many official applications also makes it quite popular among the corporate professionals.

The 7 inch size of the Galaxy Tab is something which makes it stand apart from the existing players in the market. It can easily fit inside a pocket or a small bag. Moreover, the light weight of the tab also makes it quite suitable to carry from one place to another place.

The Samsung Galaxy tab accessories are available at any of the mobile stores all over Australia. You should always purchase those accessories which are genuine. There are a variety of brands who sell fake accessories under the name of Samsung; therefore you must be aware of it.

Currently, there are a lot of ecommerce websites which sells mobile phone accessories including Samsung galaxy s3 accessories. Starting from earphones to covers and data cables; you can get them all here. You can also purchase them online after placing the order. However, it is necessary to read the reviews of the customers and know about the quality of products offered by them.

Hence, a Samsung galaxy Tab can really be helpful to you as it solves your problems and can help you to conveniently do all most everything in a small space. Even in the future it is going to come out with more interesting and innovative designs.

At Groovycom, you can purchase Samsung galaxy s3 accessories and can order them online. It is the preferred site for shopping online Samsung Galaxy tab accessories for many Australians. It has been providing good quality mobile accessories to countries like India and Australia since 2003.


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Some beautiful touch 4 accessories for your Iphone

A high end technological gadget like iPhone is never to be left uncovered. The materials which are used in these phones are of high quality and never degrade if you take necessary steps to protect it. In order to provide, its users the best ever mobile phone using experience, Apple has introduced different kinds of covers. They are tough, durable and hence can be used for a long time. They also cause less scratch to the body of the phone.

Iphone covers these days are one of the most popular touch 4 accessories in the market today. They are available in various forms such as flip, pouch, metal glass as well as gold cases. They are so fashionable and stylish in their appearance that they can actually be used with various kinds of attire. It is therefore necessary to carry them with style.

A metallic belt clip serves as the ultimate accessory if you want to carry off your iphone case with style. With doubled stitching on both sides of the cover, the edges of the phone looks wonderful. The elasticity of the cover easily enables you to stretch in and stretch out the phone quite easily. This cover is available in different formats and colors. It looks good with any kind of corporate dress.

Iphone accessories Australia can be carried on with much convenience and ease only if you know how to properly use the accessories. For instance: the flip case of the iphone is specially designed in order to enable the user to use it with one hand. With the push up button facility, one can very easily pick up the phone any time by one single use of hand.

Silent magnetic closure is another option for securing your iphone in the best possible way.  They are available in both horizontal as well as vertical formats and thus enable the mobile phone user to make use of the phone in any way he or she wants.  The magnetic strip firmly holds the phone in its grip and is thus the best way to hold it.

To get Samsung galaxy s3 accessories visit the online mobile website Groovycom. Here, you can get all kinds of mobile phone accessories within your budget.

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Exclusive Features of HTC Phones

HTC is one brand that has made its presence felt across all segments of mobile phone devices. Whether it is the touch screen, the PDAs or the Brew MP; this smart phone manufacturer from Taiwan has catered to the needs of each customer needs. The brand is giving a tough competition to all its rival mobile brands by introducing some unique features in its mobile phone. It was ranked 98th according to a report released by the Interbrand’s Best Global Brands.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Groovycom is a leading provider of iphone charger Australia. The online website of the company has been selling htc one x accessories Australia since the year 2003.

Here, we will talk about HTC Butterfly, the Android smart phone that was launched by this ace mobile brand in the year 2012 that gave a stiff competition to the other mobile phones in the market. You will get to know here about some exclusive features of the phone here.

Blink Feed: This is an interesting feature that is only available in the butterfly edition of the HTC. The benefit of using this app is that it allows the users to get access to news and can read magazines as well as newspapers. Hence, you do not have to exit from the app to read various formats of content. Moreover, you can also get feeds from social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter without minimizing the app. It is an excellent app that fully integrates social media.

Powerful Speakers: HTC is one of the many mobile phones that have the loudest speakers. The speakers emit a sound as high as 93 decibels and the BoomSound Technology helps to magnify it and improve the quality of the audio. You can even enjoy high quality sound while listening to the headphones as it uses BeatsAudio for a better sound experience. This means that you can enjoy your favorite track at the highest volume.

Hardware: Even in terms of the structural layout, HTC has given a strong competition to the other mobile devices.  You can use only two keys and operate the phone. There are two buttons mainly; one for the home and the other for back. All the functions in the phone can be performed with the help of just these two buttons.

Operating System: HTC One uses Android 4.1. The user interface of such operating system is very different from the standard ones that we use normally. It is the first ever phone to come out with such kind of operating system. One of the most special features of the phone is that, the user can scroll through the home screen vertically and also view social network notifications, check mails, read messages or get software updates in the form of small tiles. This means, with one glance at the phone you can get information about all the important activities.

Hence, these are some of the features which will make you a proud owner of the HTC smart phone. This mobile brand is planning to come out even with more innovative models in the near future. It is a new generation phone that comes with a good combination of technology and innovation.

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Important Accessories for your Mobile Phone

It is next to impossible to spend a day without a mobile phone. Today, we need this device to do almost everything starting from online banking to paying our credit card bills as well as shopping. It is the only device with the help of which we remain connected to our friends and family. As the days are passing by, the importance of mobile phone is also increasing.

It is necessary to take care of the phone in order to use it for a long time. There are few accessories which are a must for your mobile phone. You will also find several store that sells Samsung galaxy S3 accessories.Here, we will try to find out each one of them.

Cases: In order to protect the phone from any type of unexpected falls or shocks cases are a must for a mobile phone. These days, cases come in various forms such as pouches, leather cover or a flip cover. They cover the phone from all sides and thus prevent them from getting damaged. Hence, they are quite important for your mobile phone.

Screen Guard: Sometimes, a nail scratch or putting much pressure on the touch screen might make the touch screen function dysfunctional and at the same time also leaves marks on the mobile phone LCD thus destroying the appearance of your phone’s screen. It is therefore necessary to use a screen guard over your phone.

Travel Charger: In case the battery of your phone runs out while you are traveling, it becomes quite difficult to find a mobile charging point. It is therefore necessary to have a travel charger. It enables you to charge your mobile phone when you are driving your car. Currently, there are three types of chargers that are available in the market; rapid, trickle and fast chargers.

Bluetooth: With the help of Bluetooth headsets you can attend all the important calls without picking up your mobile phone.

Additional Battery: When you travel long distances and there is no source of electricity available, then it is better to have an extra battery so that you can charge your mobile phone without any difficulty. Such batteries are available in all the mobile outlets as well as online mobile stores.

Groovycom is an online store which specializes in selling all types of mobile phone accessories. Since the year 2003, the company has been providing to the people of Australia. You can get here mobile accessories of all brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and Nokia.

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SAA Approved Wall Charger

Wall Charger


Product: Wall Charger

Description: AC Wall charger for Apple,iPhone 4s, iPod, iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPod touch with SAA & MEPS Australian safety Certification

Category: Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

Price(AUD) : 20

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The numerous benefits of an ipad

There often arises a confusion that which is the best option to select when it comes to purchasing between an iPad and a laptop. It is always the iPad that is the more intelligent option to go for. There are a number of reasons that are responsible for the preferring an iPad over a laptop. One can find it in the subsequent paragraph.

iPadTo start with, it is the battery life of the iPad that always holds an advantage over a laptop. In case of laptop the battery life lasts for an hour or two where as a properly charged iPad can even last for ten hours. In case of an android tablet it is always advisable to check the battery life of the manufacturer.  The nest most important factor is portability. Due to the light weight of an iPad one can carry it anywhere and can even carry it in his or her pocket. Moreover, unlike the laptops that gets too warm due to a few hours usage, an iPad doesn’t easily get warm.

The virtual touch screen keyboard of an iPad is much more flexible and interactive than the keys of a laptop. In a laptop there is always a possibility of the keys getting misplaced due to rough usage, but in case of an iPad that is not possible.  The auto correct feature of an iPad corrects any mistake made by you while operating an iPad.

The next big advantage of an iPad is the availability of numerous kinds of apps. Whether you want to install any Microsoft office apps or any kind of media apps, all of them are readily available. All you have to do is just download the apps.

You can accentuate the look of your iPad by purchasing the right iPad accessories. These accessories will make the iPad look more beautiful and trendy. If you are looking for the best iPad cases Australia then Groovycom is the best place where you can get them.

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