Exclusive Features of HTC Phones

HTC is one brand that has made its presence felt across all segments of mobile phone devices. Whether it is the touch screen, the PDAs or the Brew MP; this smart phone manufacturer from Taiwan has catered to the needs of each customer needs. The brand is giving a tough competition to all its rival mobile brands by introducing some unique features in its mobile phone. It was ranked 98th according to a report released by the Interbrand’s Best Global Brands.

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Here, we will talk about HTC Butterfly, the Android smart phone that was launched by this ace mobile brand in the year 2012 that gave a stiff competition to the other mobile phones in the market. You will get to know here about some exclusive features of the phone here.

Blink Feed: This is an interesting feature that is only available in the butterfly edition of the HTC. The benefit of using this app is that it allows the users to get access to news and can read magazines as well as newspapers. Hence, you do not have to exit from the app to read various formats of content. Moreover, you can also get feeds from social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter without minimizing the app. It is an excellent app that fully integrates social media.

Powerful Speakers: HTC is one of the many mobile phones that have the loudest speakers. The speakers emit a sound as high as 93 decibels and the BoomSound Technology helps to magnify it and improve the quality of the audio. You can even enjoy high quality sound while listening to the headphones as it uses BeatsAudio for a better sound experience. This means that you can enjoy your favorite track at the highest volume.

Hardware: Even in terms of the structural layout, HTC has given a strong competition to the other mobile devices.  You can use only two keys and operate the phone. There are two buttons mainly; one for the home and the other for back. All the functions in the phone can be performed with the help of just these two buttons.

Operating System: HTC One uses Android 4.1. The user interface of such operating system is very different from the standard ones that we use normally. It is the first ever phone to come out with such kind of operating system. One of the most special features of the phone is that, the user can scroll through the home screen vertically and also view social network notifications, check mails, read messages or get software updates in the form of small tiles. This means, with one glance at the phone you can get information about all the important activities.

Hence, these are some of the features which will make you a proud owner of the HTC smart phone. This mobile brand is planning to come out even with more innovative models in the near future. It is a new generation phone that comes with a good combination of technology and innovation.

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