Three Attractive HTC One X Car Accessories

Travelling in a car might become troublesome when you do not have the right place to keep the most important gadget which you frequently use that is mobile phone. The phone might drop while you apply an unexpected brake for an immediate stop or might also suffer a crack in the screen if you remain negligent while keeping the phone on top of the audio deck of the car.

There are many htc one x accessories Australia which are specially designed for those persons who often travel in car. These accessories help them to keep their mobile phone in a proper way and also prevent them from getting damaged due to several reasons. Here you can get a number of options for the different types of htc one X accessories which you can use for your smartphone.

The HTC Car Kit can be fitted either at the windscreen of your car. It can perfectly be placed in such a position from where you can have a very clear view of the screen. The appearance of this kit compliments to the looks of the phone and makes it look wonderful.

Another interesting kit is the HTC Car Mic which is directly attached to the sun visor of the car. Since it is connected directly to the Bluetooth of your phone, you can speak on the phone without even moving your face from the road. The most important benefit of this device is that it reconnects your phone every time you enter in the car.

If you love music, then HTC Car Stereo Clip is the ultimate accessory for you. The 3.5mm port enables you to transfer your favorite music tracks from the internal memory of your phone to the micro SD slot of your audio track in the car.

Hence, these are the three htc one X car accessories for your mobile phone.

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